In this tutorial I will show you how to link Google Firebase DataBase to Thunkable. After linking you will able to store data permanently to Firebase. It is mostly use for Login and Signup page of your app, created from Thunkable or Makeroid or Appybuilder.

You can also use TinyDB for Login and Signup but TinyDB do not store data for permanently. It store data when the app is installed on a phone. When someone uninstall the app from their phone, all data will be erase. And also you can not see what your users’ username and personal data is. But Firebase saves all the data to a secure place permanently and also admin (you) can change and delete any data.

So, to link Firebase DB to Thunkable you first create a new project and go to Experimental and drag and drop Firebase DB .

Now you can see in the non-visible components Firebase DB added.

And also in Firebase DB properties you can see this in default

Now go to and login with your Google account.

Now as you can see, this will be the interface of Firebase DB home page

Now click on New Project and name it and select Country name etc.

After Submit you can see this type of interface

Now click on Get Started on Database section and scroll down and you can see Realtime Database

and click on Create Database

Now select Start in test mode and click Enable

Now you can see this type of interface

Now you can see a link starts with you project name (e.g., now this is your Firebase URL, which you have to put on your Thunkable project’s Firebase DB propersties

Now you need Firebase Token. You can find Firebase Token by going Settings in Firebase Console

and go to Project Settings

and now you can see Web API key which is Firebase Token

Now copy this API and paste it to your project’s Firebase DB properties’s Firebase Token

and leave blank Project Bucket.

So now Firebase DB linked with your Thunkable App. This process is same with Makeroid and Appybuilder.

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