In this tutorial I am gonna show you how you can connect your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server into your Kodular or other App Inventor Apps. FTP server helps you to Upload and Download files from your own web server. That means you don’t have to use other File Uploader like Cloudinary. Kodular have FTP feature in-built but if you want to connect FTP server in other platforms like Thunkable or Appybuilder then you can download FTP Extension from

Get Started

First you have to create a new FTP account from your web hosting control panel, here I am using cPanel, other control panel may differ.

Go to FTP Accounts


Now fill out with username (here app), password and edit Directory like this (just remove your website address from directory like if it appears public_html/ then just remove then click on Create FTP Account


Now you can see new account is created on your website’s /app folder, now whenever you upload a file from your app it will directly uploaded to your website’s /app folder


By clicking Configure FTP Client you can see Settings that will be needed in Kodular

Now in Kodular app set FTP server, Password, Port, Username and Directory. Working Directory must be “/”, so all files will be stored in app folder in your website File Manager

Now FTP is connected in your Kodular App

Now, by using this simple Blocks your app can upload the selected file to your FTP Server (in directory /app)

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