Show Admob Ads without any Problem

So today I am going to show you how to show admob ads if the default extension of admob of Kodular is not working propely.

As the CTO of Kodular said that this problem occurs not because of Kodular but because of the Admob’s high publisher issue. He said that Admob has more publishers that advertisers, so that’s why the problem is occuring. Also he said, if the problem still occurs then use another ad platforms like Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and Chameleon Ads which are also available in Monetisation.

But today I am going to show you a process from where the ads of Admob can be see without any problem and it works for most of the people. Use this process only if the default extension of your Kodular is not working properly.

First of all you have to create an account at and here you have to enhance your app. My suggestion is to use this step at the very end of your app. First finish your app and then use this steps, because you have to provide your complete app at I, here using my Music Player app for enhancing. First of all click on Enhance My App

Now in the next step you have select Services, that you want to add in your app. Here we want to ad Ads, so in the Ads select the Ads Types, Interstitial and Fixed Banner Ads

Now scroll down, and select App Platform as App Inventor

Now scroll down, and click on Download Drag and Drop Library and you will get a .aix file or extension, just upload it to the Project file in Kodular

Now, in Kodular you have to create blocks for this new extension. Full instruction of how to use the extension is in the .zip file which is downloaded. Now see the simple blocks.

two blocks will be in the Screen Initialize block

Now Export this app and go back to and Import this app and wait till upload finished. And click on Continue

Select Admob Mediatation in the next page

Here you have to put your App’s Privacy Policy, Admob Banner and Interstitial Ad codes

Now scroll down and set Fixed Banner Ad Position to Bottom and click on Continue

Now in the next page you have to upload a Keystore certificate. To do this just go to your Kodular’s project and go to File then click on Export Keystore and it will download an file named android.keystore

Now go back to and upload this certificate and input android in Password field

Now set App Version, if any, and then click on Enhance Now

After finished, just download the Enhanced APK or upload it to the Play Store

Video Tutorial

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