In this tutorial I will tell you how to create Splash Screen with Thunkable App Inventor in shortly.

First create a new project on Thunkable or Makeroid or Appybuilder and design app’s splash screen by creating a block. Block image is below.

So you can see that you need only a text or image of your company or app name and then drag and drop Clock extension and set time as 3000 (in mili seconds). And also create a new screen for redirect after splash screen, named default Screen2. Now go to Blocks and select

                       when Screen1 Initialize do. {call Clock1. timer do to (true)}

and then create a new block

       when clock1{call Clock1. timer do to(false)}

                                                   {open another screen.Screen name (Screen2)}

Now the images of Designer and Blocks are below:


this is designer


this is Clock1 timer setup


this is the block

Now your splash screen is ready. You can take video tutorial of this tutorial in Hindi. If you want to watch then click below link.

Click Here

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