How to create an Image Recognizer App

In today’s tutorial I will tell you how to make an image recognizer app without coding. I made this app both the Thunkable Classing and Thunkable X version. Thunkable X version is more easy to create this types of project, but for designing it is not that much good. So the process will be same for the both versions. First I am telling you the basic Design that will use for both versions.


You need only an Image, Button and Label to create this app and also two extensions which are available internal. So first of all drag Arrangement like for X version Row Arrangement and for Normal version, horizontal arrangement. In this arrangement drag and drop Image from User Interface of Normal version and from Image of X version. After that drag and drop a Button that will be Image capture button. So change the text of button to Capture. Now at last drag and drop a Label, here the text will appear when a image is captured. Rename the Label as main. And finally drag and drop two extension that is included in both the versions, Camera  and  Image Recognizer. Now see the basic design of two versions.

Normal Version

X version


When you clicked on Image Recognizer extension you can see two fields required, Server Url and Server Key. You dont’ need any key to input here. Make it default, and it will work fine. If you want to change the url and key then visit Microsoft Image Recognizer website.


Now you have to create Blocks. Below you can see both version’s blocks.



Normal Version

X Version


Now I am giving you the AIA file of normal version and Project copy of X version.

AIA File :

(if the file download as zip file then refresh the page and it will download as aia file)

Project Copy:

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