How to create an Advanced Translator App

I have already made a tutorial about how to make a Translator app. So, I will do this tutorial on that same project. So if you don’t know that that tutorial then first check that out.

I will just add a Speech Recognizer and that’s how your app will looks beautiful. So first of all drag and drop a Button after text of the first Horizontal Arrangement and set height as fill parent and width as 15 percent. Now empty the Text Box of the button and insert a image on the button. Image will be in the AIA file, so you don’t have to download it from external. Now rename this Button to mic_btn.

Now drag and drop a Speech Recognizer from Media

Now go to Blocks.

You have to create only 2 new blocks and that’s it.

Do not erase all existing blocks which was created during simple Translator App.

Now download the AIA file and design as you want.


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