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So as I promised, the requested video of one of my subscribers is here. Today I am going to show you how to create advanced Shayari App. In this tutorial I will show you can store thousands of shayari in one page. You may use this process in Recipe app, where in one page you can store thousands of recipes. A month before one of my viewer ask me, how to add many recipes in one page, so you also can use this process. Now without wasting any time lets’ get started.

As of my all tutorials I will tell you to create a splash screen, you may create this. I am skipping splash screen process because I already told you many more times, how to create this. If you don’t know then check out my previous tutorials.

So now in Screen1 create categories of Shayari, like I created 4 buttons of categories like Morning Shayari, Good Night Shayari, Love Shayari, WhatsApp Status, and named their buttons as morning, night, love and wp_status.

Now create 4 screens named as love, morning, night, wp_status. And go back to Screen1 and go to Blocks. Now create redirects with all buttons like below.

Now, I am showing all the design and blocks in one category. Rest all other categories will be same. So I am going to morning screen.

Download Home icon and Whatsapp logo, to look your app more beautiful. If you dont’ want to waste your time to search icons then dont’ worry. Two icons are uploaded to AIA file. Also you can use Material Icons and Font Awesome for insert icons, but this icons are not supported by Thunkable. So you may try Appybuilder or Makeroid for this icons. You can just insert images in Thunkable.

In the morning screen first of all drag and drop a horizontal_arrangement and set height as 10 percent and width as fill parent and also set Align Vertical as Center. Now drag and drop a button and label into this arrangement and set button’s name as home_btn. Now set Home icon image into this button and set height as 25 pixels and width as 30 pixels and leave blank the Text. In label’s text, input the category’s name like Morning Shayari. Now drag and drop another horizontal_arrangement and set height as 5 percent and width as fill parent and also set Align Vertical as Center. Here numbering will appear. So drag and drop two labels. Name first label as numbering_label and set Text as 1. And in the second label set Text as how many shayari will show in this category, so I am making 20 shayaris, so set text as / 20.

Now drag and drop a vertical_arrangement and set Align Vertical as Center and drag and drop a label, rename label as shayari. Here all the shayaries will appear. Set this arrangement’s height and width as fill parent.

Now the last one, drag and drop last horizontal arrangement, set height as 17 percent and width as fill parent. No drag and drop three buttons into this. Set all button’s height and width as 60 pixels and set shape as Oval. First button will be Back button, middle button will be Share button and last button will be New button. So set first button’s name as back_btn, second button wp_share_btn and third button next_btn. Now in Sharing button, set image as WhatsApp logo. And also drag and drop Notifier and Activity Starter in this screen for WhatsApp sharing. Now designing is finished.

Now go to Blocks.

First redirect the home button. And also create a global value, named global number, set 0.

Where Screen1 is home screen, where all categories are available.

Now the main point, where all the shayaries will be stored. So create another global value. Value name is shayari and then add make a list from List and add 20 items (or how many you want to create).

Now to show Shayries on App’s shayari label, have to create a procedures block. So go to Procedures and drag first on. And create whole block like below

All the Orange colour blocks will be valid after Initialize Global value created, and available in Variables.

Now you have to create two more Procedures, one for Next button and another for Back button. So drag, and create blocks like below.

You can see, when Next button will click then it will show next shayari and when shayari reaches the maximum number (i.e. no. 20) then it will go to number 1 shayari. Same thing will happen in Back button. When shayari is in no. 1 and then if Back button pressed then it will go to last number(i.e. no. 20). And also create two blocks, where Back and Next process will work, i.e. in two Buttons, Next and Back buttons.

Now the Share button. When WhatsApp button will be click then it will go to WhatsApp contacts and share the current Shayari, and also if WhatsApp app is not installed in user’s phone then a notice will show. So create blocks like below.

Now, in all empty fields you have to input some text to successful the WhatsApp share process.

In Action insert


In Activity Package insert


In Activity Class insert


In Data type insert


In Extra Key insert


Thats’ it.

Now download the AIA file if you want from below and insert this texts in Activity Starter. And insert ads and earn money.

If you have any problem or question regarding this post then comment down below.



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