How to Create a Pdf Reader App with Thunkable

Hello guys, today I am going to show you how to create a Pdf reader or Pdf viewer app. So there are 2 processes, one is free and other one is paid.

Free One

This will be a normal app developing like others I create. So first of all create a new project and create a splash screen if you want. If you don’t know how to create a splash screen then check out my previous posts. Now I am not creating a splash screen. So here in the Screen1 just drag and drop a TextBox named TextBox1 and after that drag and drop a button. on the Button1, change text as View and rename button as view_btn. Now you may design your screen to look beautiful. In the Text Box,your users have to put only the file name which is located in user’s phone Sdcard’s ebooks folder. Also you may change the location from Blocks Data uri. I am just creating a location in the sdcard’s ebooks folder. You may also locate on internal storage also. So now for your users you may write some instructions of how to use this app to see pdf files. I am giving 3 instructions that I already insert in my app.

1. enter filename which is in your sdcard’s ebook folder

2. enter only filename like if your filename is TS.pdf then enter only TS and click on View to open pdf

3. If you enter a wrong file name that is not exist then nothing will happen.

You may enter other instructions in detail, that will help you app users to use the app properly.

Now drag and drop Activity Starter from Connectivity and go to blocks.

Now Blocks are very easy. See the whole block image below

Now see you have to put Data Type’s text to application/pdf

Action’s text to android.intent.action.VIEW

and in Data Uri you have put the full location address. So first take a Join text with three strings and first strings text as your location like file://mnt/sdcard/ebooks/

this will locate user’s ebooks folder. And in the next string put text box’s text, which will insert by user. And at last string set text as .pdf

After that Start Activity. So this was the first process and Free process.

AIA File of this project :



Second One

Go to this site and find for Pdf Extension.

Scroll down and Buy the extension for 10USD or 1.5BTC and then export the extension to a project

After that scroll up and see the whole instructions about how to use this extension.

Direct link to go to this extension :

If you have any question then comment down below.

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