How to create a Phone Call Recorder App with Thunkable | with AIA

Hello guys, today I am going to show you how to create a Phone call recorder app without coding. Like all my app development tutorial, this app can also make on Appybuilder and Makeroid.

In my previous post, I already shown you how to create a phone call app. For this tutorial, you have to create a phone call app first. Click here to read how to create¬† a phone call app. Also you may take my video tutorial in Hindi on YouTube. Just go to my YouTube channel by clicking on footer section’s YouTube icon or go to About page.

Now finish all the things I did in phone call app. And now just drag and drop Sound_Recorder extension from Media.

Now, design your Phone Call app without changing anything. After finish, go to Blocks. Now create blocks like below

You can create those notifications or not, that’s on you. Rest blocks you must have to create. Now see the last block is when sound recorder after sound recorder, here you have to put where you want to Save your app’s call recording. I dragged an empty box that means a folder will automatically create when call recording stopped and save to that automated default folder. In the empty field you may enter a custom location with .mp3 extension and also you have to drag a Join text to save as a different name files. For that you have to drag and drop a Date and Time extension (which will automatically get current date and time) on Designer. Then drag Join text and in first string input location (like file://sdcard/TS) , in second strng you can put apps’ name like TS then on third string drag date and time and at last string input .mp3

So I am giving you the aia file, use it and redesign it. Make it more beautiful and enjoy. If you have any problem then comment down below. And please Subscribe my YouTube channel. Channel link in About section.

AIA File :

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