How to create an UnZipper App like WinRAR

Hello guys, today I’m gonna show you how to create an unzipper app. You need only one external extension to create this application. Before you get started, download the extension from below and drag and drop into the project.

Now, drag and drop a horizontal arrangement, set height 10 percent and width fill parent and into this arrangement drag and drop one textbox and one button. Rename the textbox as unzip_txtbox and button as unzip_btn. And also in unzip_txtbox‘s Text, leave blank and Hint, write instructions like, enter .zip file location here

Again drag and drop another horizontal arrangement after first one. Set height as 10 percent and width as fill parent. If zip file is password protected then there should be a password input box. So drag and drop a TextBox into this arrangement. And rename this textbox as password_txtbox, leave the Text as blank and Hint as enter password here(optional). If zip file is not password protected then leave this textbox blank.

Finally drag and drop last horizontal arrangement and set height and width as fill parent. Here details will appear. So drag and drop a Label, named as details_label.


Now you have to create blocks. Only 2 blocks and thats’ it.



And that’s it. Try to unzip your file and publish this app with ads.

Remember if a zip file is located in your phone storage’s Ebooks folder and the file name is then you have to enter full file location into unzip_txtbox, like : /storage/0/emulated/Ebooks/

Here is the AIA file of this project :

Here is the extension of this project :

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