In this tutorial I am going to show you how can you earn lots of money from integrate offerwall into your app. Nowadays Admob Ads are not working for many apps and the best solution is to integrate this offerwall. I will use tapjoy, which is one of the best Offerwall platform.
First of all create an account in Tapjoy and also you need account. So login to both accounts and go to Kodular and open a project where you want to integrate Offerwall. This is the best thing if you want to create an earning or rewarded app.
So first of all go to and click on Enhance My App and do as Screenshots

select only OfferWalls and scroll down

select App Inventor since you are using Kodular (or appybuilder or thunkable etc.)

click on Download Drag and Drop library! and upload the .aix file to Kodular Extension

Now for example I have just created Blocks when the Screen Initialize then Offerwall will start, for this do this block

Note Offewall may not available for the first some minutes, after that the Offerwall will be visible

Now Export the app and upload it to

and click on Continue

Now you can see there are lots of options for Offerwall but the best is Tapjoy, you can also use others. So select Tapjoy and now you need SDK Key and Placement Name

Now go to Tapjoy and Login to your account. Remember, Do not close any Tab.
Now click on Account Username(Top Right Side Corner) and click on Add App and select Android and enter app’s name and all details and click on Create Now

Now you are in Basic Integration, just do nothing and scroll down and click on Next Step and you are now in Monetize Integration, here you have to create a Placement, so scroll down

click on Create Now and your placement is now created

Now scroll down and click on Next Step and now you have to create Virtual Currency , which is the currency you will use in your app (like Coins or Points etc.)
Scroll down and click on Create Virtual Currency

set all fields as you want, set initial balance as 0 and click on Create Now

Now scroll down and click on Next Step and skip next 2 steps and click on Start with Tapjoy and now you are in the App’s Dashboard.  Now click on Create Placement from Left Menus and click Create Offerwall Plus and fill all fields

Now enter all required fills, like Header Detail, also you can customize styles of your offerwall, and scroll down

Now select the Placement where you want to integrate Offerwall and click on Save

So the Placement Name is Offerwall and we have to find the SDK Key. You can get SDK Key in App Settings

Scroll down and you will get your unique SDK Key

Now in enter Placement Name and SDK Key

Now in the next step you need an android.keystore file. So go to Kodular and click on File and click on Export Keystore and you will get android.keystore file

in password insert android and scroll down and leave all fields blank

Leave the App Version and Code as it is and click on Enhance Now. Now wait few minutes and you will get the .apk file which you have to use.
Remember Whenever you want to change anything to your app, you have to enhance every time before use to work Offerwall system

Video Tutorial


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