In this tutorial I will show you how can you create a dynamic quiz app with custom answer box, where a user have to type the answer. This is a requested video.
So for this tutorial you first have to know about how to create a dynamic quiz app. First watch that tutorial and from that aia file you have to copy all things.
Only in the cat1 screen just add 3 Airtable Spreadsheet not 6 Airtable extension. And delete the ListView element and replace with a TextBox where a user can type the answer. Rename TextBox as ans_txtbox and set Hint as enter answer here…

Now also set all Airtable’s API and Base Id from your Airtable account. In How to create a dynamic Quiz App tutorial I explained how to get API and Base Id from Airtable. Now rename 3 airtables as question in this column all questions will appear, Ans in this column all correct format answer will appear (e.g. New Delhi) and  answer in this column all answer will appear in raw format (e.g. newdelhi). See the Spreadsheet demo, how you have to create questions

Now you have to create the blocks

Create initialize values and call all columns one by one

Call all columns and Got Columns

Create this Procedure and it will show questions one by one on question_label

Create this after Submit Button Blocks

And the last blocks

AIA File

Video Tutorial


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    1. Due to website maintenance the aia file is not downloadable, we are fixing this issue and it may be solved by today. So please check back in few hours

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