So today I am going to show you how you can create a chatting style text message app. So the Makeroid is now Kodular, and this tutorial is a Kodular tutorial. Many new features are added in Kodular recently, ChatView is one of them. Today’s video is all about ChatView.

Now without wasting time let’s get started.


Create splash screen to make your app looking more professional, I am skipping this step. For this app only 1 screen is enough in the the screen hide the Title and first drag a Vertical_Arrangement and set width as 35 percent. Drag Horizontal_Arrangement into this arrangement and set height as 10 percent and width as fill parent. Now into this horizontal arrangement drag a Text_Box rename as mobile_txtbox and set height and width as fill parent and drag a Contact_Picker beside this and add an image (logo of Contacts) and set height and width as the image look perfect.
Now add another Horizontal_Arrangement after first on and set height and width as fill parent, into the vertical arrangement and drag a Text_Box and a Button. Rename the Text_Box as message_box and set height and width as fill parent. Now rename the Button as send_btn and set an image (logo of send message) and set height and width as the logo looks perfect. Now the vertical arrangement is completed.
Now drag Chat_View from Palette after the vertical arrangement and set height and width as fill parent. You can change sender, receiver’s background colours, and also you can change many things, but I’m leaving this as default.
Now drag a Notifier and Texting into this project and this is done.

Now let’s create Blocks


Remember I’m creating this app as simple so the blocks will not be so tough and app will be normal, not so professional.

mobile_txtbox is the Text_Box’s name

all the blocks are default

for Chat_View, you may make blank if you dont’ want to add them

I am giving the aia file, make it more professional, also watch the tutorial of this app making on our YouTube channel.

And here is the full tutorial in Hindi

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