So, this is the second part of the tutorial I made last week. I just created the Swipe system on that app so you have to make that app first. If you don’t know how to make that app then follow this link :
After creating that app download Gesture extension from this link and Import this extension to the app :
Now, I will work only on the Main Screen where the Swipe will be effect. Just follow up given link to get the AIA file of my last tutorial to work with.

Main Screen


Add a Vertical Arrangement (Vertical_Arrangement2 at my AIA) into the Main Vertical Arrangement (Vertical_Arrangement1 at my AIA), it will be dragged after the Horizontal arrangement(Horizontal_Arrangement2 at my AIA) where Numbering or Index will show. Drag the Shayari label into this new Vertical Arrangement(Vertical_Arrangement2 at my AIA). I will create Swipe into this Vertical Arrangement(Vertical_Arrangement2 at my AIA), now make this arrangement’s Align Horizontal and Align Vertical as Center. Now drag Gesture extension and done.


Just drag Gesture’s VaGesture and in Component I added my newly added Vertical Arrangement and at Id insert any number, because we will not work with Id here, here VaGesture means Vertical Arrangement Gesture, you can also see there are many Blocks like VsaGensture which means Vertical Scroll Arrangement Gesture etc. use the suitable block from suitable component

just a simple block, when you finger move to left direction then it will go next and when at right then it will go to previous

Video Tutorial


Download AIA


By Abir

3 thoughts on “Swipe to Next and Previous System in Dynamic Shayari App”
  1. I watched your video and I liked it. I write shayries and I would love to try this app. Many problems I face while writing shayaries; I can write easily now in Hindi. Thanks for the app info.

  2. Hlo Sir,
    Sir aapki ye wali aia file download nhi ho rhi hai plz sir aapse request hai mujhe iss app ki aia file de dijiye

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