How to create a Translator App with Thunkable

Hello guys, today I am going to show you how to make a translator app like Google Translator. So first create a new project and create a splash screen. Your app looks more professional if you add a splash screen. If you don’t know how to add splash screen, I already posted article about it you can read it and also you can go to my channel for video tutorial. So I am skipping splash screen process and going to main process.

Before we get started, I am telling you that you don’t need any external extension to create this app. You just need a Yandex extension which is available in Thunkable, Maleroid and Appybuilder. So you can create this app on Makeroid and Appybuilder also. So now let’s get started.

Now design Screen1 as you want. On Screen1 drag and drop a horizontal arrangement from Layout. Again drag and drop Text Box from User Interface into the horizontal arrangement. Rename this text box as text, here a person will enter some text in english that the person want to translate from. Now drag and drop a label below the horizontal arrangement for making some space, enter 2 percent in height and text as blank, after this, drag and drop another horizontal arrangement and drag and drop a label and a Spinner into this arrangement, go to label text and write Choose Language to translate and spinner will be a drop down menu where some options will occur. Here you can add some languages that you want to add for translation from english. Now you have to enter a language which language is supported by Yandex. To check languages supported by Yandex (with code) click here. Now in the Spinner properties enter some languages (multiple languages separate by comma) like I entered Hindi and Bengali in Elements from String

Now drag and drop Yandex Translate extension from Media and you have to create an account on Yandex Translate to get the API key. So go to this site and create an account. Now after creating the account scroll down and see Get a free API Key click there

Now click on Create New API

and enter a description and click on submit and you can see your API Key which I blocked with red lines. Just copy that API key to Thunkable’s Yandex Key.


Now, Yandex system does not know Hindi or Bengali, system knows only codes. So after going to the Yandex language support page you can find also the codes use for a language like English=en, Bengali=bn, Hindi=hi. So we have to input this codes to see translation. For this you need a label which will convert you main string to code. So drag and drop a label and rename it as language_label and make it invisible. Now after the last arrangement drag and drop a label and set text as blank and height as 2 percent to male some space. Now drag and drop a Button and design it, rename it as translate_btn and enter text as Translate. And finally drag and drop a horizontal arrangement where the result (that means the translated text) will occur so drag and drop a Label into this. Rename this label as translated_text. Now design is done. Go to Blocks.

First you have to create a block that will transfer main language to code language, so you need If Then block and language_label.

Now when anyone select Hindi from drop down menu then it will transfer to hi to the Yandex sytem and Bengali as bn. Now have to create translate block.

So the blocks are now ready to run the app. Now export and publish to Play Store.


Here is the AIA File :



If any problem occurs regarding AIA file then comment down below or contact us by mail

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