How to create a Fitness App

In this tutorial I will tell you how can you create a Fitness App using Kodular, formerly Makeroid.
First of all create a splash screen to see you app more professional, I am skipping this process. Now in the Screen first drag a horizontal arrangement and I renamed this arrangement as start_stop_arrangement and set height as 10 percent and width as fill parent. In this arrangement drag 2 buttons and set height and width as fill parent for both buttons. Now make font size 17 or above for 2 buttons. 1st button is for Start button, so rename the button as start_btn and set colour Green and also set text of this button as Start. Now the 2nd button is for Stop button, so rename this as stop_btn and set colour Red and also set the text as Stop.
Now the 1st arrangement is completed. Now drag a vertical arrangement after this arrangement and set height and width as fill parent. Also make Align Vertical and Align Horizontal as Center. Now drag two horizontal arrangement into this vertical arrangement.

  • In the first arrangement drag two Labels, for the first label make text as Steps : and for the second label make text as 0, rename this label as steps_label. In the second label total steps will appear.
  • In the second horizontal arrangement also drag three Labels, make first label’s text as Distance and second label text as and third label text as Meter. In the second label total distance will appear, so rename the label as distance_label.

Now make some space and drag a Label. Set Label’s font size as 25 or more, set text as Start the Sensor and set the Label’s name as status. Here all the statuses will appear.
Now drag another horizontal arrangement after the vertical arrangement and rename this arrangement as pause_reset_arrangement and set height as 10 percent and width as fill parent. Drag 2 buttons into this and set two button’s name as pause_btn and reset_btn, set two buttons’ text as Pause and Reset, set two button’s colour as Deep Purple and Orange, and make this arrangement invisible. This Pause button has two functions

  1. When Pause button click it will pause the sensor and turn into Resume button
  2. When Resume button click it will resume the sensor and again turn into Pause button

Now drag Pedometer sensor from Sensors

Now see the blocks




Video Tutorial

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