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In this tutorial I will talk about a link shortener website that will pay you whenever you short a link and your visitors go through that link. So the website name is Adbitly. I used many websites for shorten my all urls but they were fake. But Adbitly is a genuine and old company which is paying real money to their genuine users.

About Adbitly

It is nearly 2 years old and trusted by lots of users. If you go to the website then you can see the some of the Payments Proofs and also the current Payout Rates. When some other link shorten and earn money website pays you greater money, like $20 for 1000 views from India, this website pays you $3 to $4 for Indian visitors and this is why you can trust this website. No genuine and trusted website will pay you the greater amount than this. You know, earning money is not that much easy.
I am just pasting the rates that currently going

Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
 United States $5.50 $8.00
 United Kingdom $5.00 $7.00
 Australia $4.00 $5.00
 Canada $4.00 $5.00
 India $3.00 $4.00
 Singapore $3.00 $4.00
 Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $1.00 $2.00

Now, you have to follow all the rules of Adbitly, otherwise you account can be banned. Please follow all the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Adbily to continue earn money from Adbitly. You can not short any illegal links, like any movie links, adult content link etc. shorten your own link is the best way to use this.
Let’s talk about the Withdraw, it allows you to withdraw your money when you reaches atleast $3 and the method is Paytm Transfer. Also you can transfer to Google Pay, when you reach at $5 and to Bank account when you reach $10.
Referral is also a good feature, it provides you some banners, which you can insert into your website or somewhere else or you can use your own unique referral id.
Easy to shorten a link
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Create App

First I have created a Simple Splash Screen, I am skipping this step because I already talk about this for many times, if you don’t know how can you create splash screen then check back my old tutorial

Home/Main Screen


I have just created a simple interface, you can create a beautiful interface from this process. First I have dragged Label and set powered by text then dragged a space and again dragged a Label and set text as Adbitly and set font colour as Indigo, this is the process how I said that this app is created with Adbitly and the copyright and terms and conditions of Adbitly have to follow to use the app. Now again I dragged 5 percent space and then dragged a Label, set text as shorten link and earn money and set font colour as Dark Grey. Now after this, dragged another 2 percent space and after this, drag Horizontal Arrangement and set width as 80 percent and Enable IsCard and Use Rounded Card, fill Indigo in background. Now drag a TextBox into this and set width as fillparent and set font colour, hint colour, cursor colour as white and set background colour as none and set font size as 16. Set Hint Text to enter an url to short. Now drag a space of 2 percent and drag a Button. Set Button’s width as 80 percent and set text as Shorten. Drag another 4 percent space and drag a Label where the shorten link will appear, so set text as link will be appear here… remember to make Clickable the Label, because this Label is a copy text Label. After this drag 1 percent space and drag a Label, set text to click the link to copy. Now drag Snackbar (show toast of every process, same like Notifier), Device Tools (for copying text, works like external extension TaifunClipboard), and Web (to get response from API Url). Now see the Design

Getting API

To get your own API Key, just go to your Adbitly Dashboard after login, and click on Tools> Developers API. Now you can see the API Token of your account. You can see like below

You just need that url and don’t add “&alias=…”
Now let’s go to App’s Block



you can see I added the Contains Text and Piece block to ensure that user is entering a valid url, now see to get JSON response you have to set url of Web to that url and also after &url= just join the user’s inserted text box text, which is an url. And also call Web1 Get

to get response from json to a text, first take a global label and set global labe to look up pairs block, which will response an url like https:\/\/\/xxxxx, but this is not a valid url because it has \, so you have to replace this with an empty text, so in the link_label text I did that.

this block is to copy the shorten link

if you don’t love to get a json response, want a direct text response, then their is also a solution in Adbitly, just add  “&format=text” after the url, and skip the second blocks’ set global label block.

Don’t forget to join Adbitly today –

Download AIA

Video Tutorial


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